Market Research

ARG can develop, field, and deliver proprietary market research studies to meet your company’s needs. Our experience is far ranging, with practically every category of retailing explored since 1979. We will work closely with you to understand your objectives and concerns, and tailor the study appropriately. We are experts in the science and art of survey design; by asking the right combination of open-ended questions during the interviewing process, ARG provides tremendous insight into your consumers’ minds. We pride ourselves on our real-person interviewing approach, never losing sight of the personal nature of consumer behavior. ARG is not in an automated numbers game.

Clients can make wide or narrow evaluations and conclusions via ARG research, including:

  • Market overviews
    • Brand images
    • Shopping patterns
    • Channel preferences
  • Customer perceptions
    • Current views, ratings, image
    • Likes and dislikes
    • Loyalty and outlook
  • Competitive analysis
    • Real vs. Perceived
    • Competitive customers’ characteristics/profile
    • Offensive/Defensive strategies
  • Merchandising techniques
  • Product reviews
  • Marketing strategies
  • Targeted advertising

Recent Research

Walmart vs. Dollar Stores
Home Depot & Lowe's
Department Stores
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Promotional Activity
Sporting Goods
Auto Parts
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